Taking the long way round

It’s been over two and a half years now since we left Japan and had to close down our much-loved store and subscription box. In that time we’ve gone through every emotion possible; a real journey. In 2020 we even re-launched Neko Box as an art print business, but due to huge international shipping restrictions and issues, we decided to shut this down before it had a chance to grow.

In that time we’ve restarted our lives and careers, working as freelance creatives. First in our homeland (New Zealand) and now in Melbourne.

Over these last few years we could never shake our indescribable love for Japan and its traditional craft culture. We’ve browsed, pined over and collected many more ceramics and ornaments than we could ever fit in our little apartment. And now it’s time for a new adventure – of the online sort.

Introducing Neko Box 3.0:

A blog dedicated to the love of travel, traditional crafts and culture, and food. Mostly focussing on Japan, but also delving into the other east asian countries we adore: South Korea (where we lived for a year) and Taiwan (where we’ve sadly only visited once).

We’ll be covering everything from traditional pottery types to interviews with artisans, best travel spots and so much more.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this new journey. If there’s anything you’d love us to explore and write about, get in touch here: hello@nekoboxshop.com

If you’re a brand and you’d like us to write for you, contact us here: hello@nekoboxshop.com

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