Khanam – Neko Box Top 6 Vegan Eateries in Tokyo

Top 6 Vegan Eateries in Tokyo

As anyone with dietary requirements knows, Japan can either be a foodie paradise or a total nightmare. I actually went vegan in Japan while researching Buddhism and Edo culture, and quickly found that I needed to be very prepared with my work lunches to be able to survive! Luckily after a few months of research …

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how to make matcha

How to Make Matcha the Traditional Way

In Japan, matcha has had a long history associated with the formal tea ceremony (Sadō or Chadō). Matcha differs from regular green tea in that whole tea leaves are powdered and consumed, instead of only tea leaves being steeped in hot water. This gives a much richer, deeper taste and greater health benefits. The traditional …

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