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Kurashiki - Neko Box Shop

Kurashiki Edo Town

Kurashiki, part of Okayama prefecture, is a small city known for its Edo-style village – Kurashiki Bikan Chika. Here you’ll find traditional craft and food stores housed in restored kura…

Mt takao

Hiking Tokyo’s Mt Takao in Autumn

Autumn in Japan is a magical time. The humidity slowly disappears and the skies are clear; perfect for hiking and sightseeing. Takao San is a beautiful mountain located in the…

Khanam – Neko Box Top 6 Vegan Eateries in Tokyo

Top 6 Vegan Eateries in Tokyo

As anyone with dietary requirements knows, Japan can either be a foodie paradise or a total nightmare. I actually went vegan in Japan while researching Buddhism and Edo culture, and…

Pottery Class at Hakone Crafthouse

Pottery Class at Hakone Crafthouse

Japan is full of memorable experiences just waiting to be stumbled upon. One winter a few years ago we took a weekend trip to Hakone to enjoy the breath-taking scenery,…

Taking the long way round

It’s been over two and a half years now since we left Japan and had to close down our much-loved store and subscription box. In that time we’ve gone through…

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